IB Clinic™

IB Clinic™ is a toolkit of post-processing software plug-ins designed to be integrated into existing medical image visualization applications. IB Clinic™ accepts DICOM image sets and generates various parameter and image intensity differences maps. Specifically, the intuitive and fast plug-ins available within IB Clinic™ enable the post-processing of dynamic perfusion, diffusion, and image-intensity maps that may be further visualized on an imaging workstation or saved to a DICOM image file.


IB Rad Tech

IB Rad Tech is a workflow “engine” that enables customized workflows for generating our exclusive and sophisticated image maps, such as delta T1 and FTB (fractional tumor burden). Now, healthcare providers of all sizes can benefit from IB's solutions in an affordable and efficient manner.

IB Neuro

IB Neuro analyzes dynamically acquired MR datasets and generates parametric perfusion maps quantifying changes in contrast over time. Advancements in IB Neuro are designed to fit routine clinical and research workflow and address advanced clinical and research needs.

IB Diffusion

IB Diffusion analyzes MR diffusion-weighted images (DWI) and generates Apparent Diffusion Coefficient (ADC) maps, extrapolated b-values, and IVIM parameters. ADC values have been shown to be useful in the initial diagnosis and treatment monitoring of all solid tumors.

IB Delta Suite

IB Delta Suite analyzes conventional MR images (pre– and post-contrast T1-wt. images) and generates Delta T1 Maps (DT1 maps). DT1 maps are sensitive to subtle contrast enhancement on post-contrast T1-wt. images and selectively ignores blood products that enhance on pre-contrast T1-wt. images. Thus, DT1 maps aid in automatic detection of tumor regions free of blood products which is becoming increasingly useful in longitudinal analysis of patients treated with anti-angiogenic agents. In addition to separating blood products from tumor, DT1 maps enable easy, convenient visualization of post-surgical residual tumor.


IB DCE analyzes conventional T1 weighted images and generates an array of relevant perfusion and permeability parameters. Employing the extended Tofts, Tofts and Patlak models, contrast agent permeability analysis is now intuitive and designed with the same user interface as other IB software products.