Our products and services certainly speak for themselves, however sometimes, testimonials from our customers can go a long way. Below are just a few of our recent satisfied customers.

Dr. Jennifer Connelly, MD, Associate Professor of Neurology
Froedtert Health and Medical College of Wisconsin

Take a look at the MRIs from yesterday compared to the prior one. The T1 with contrast is hard to interpret but I think the [standardized] Delta T1 says it all.

Jamie Beaudry, Director of Imaging Services
Froedtert and the Medical College of Wisconsin

We've been working with Imaging Biometrics for more than a year and have found the organization to be extremely organized and responsive. They are very collaborative in working with the leadership and staff who've been involved with our MR-focused initiative to improve patient scheduling and reception and to stream-line processes to improve patient satisfaction and department efficiency.

They've definitely put in the time and effort to get to know our department, staff, and workflows to better understand the challenges we face.  I appreciate how they continuously check in to make sure we are moving in the right direction and getting the outcomes we expect.

Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin has used LEAN principles for many years for numerous process improvement initiatives across our hospital and health system.  We are pleased that Imaging Biometrics is supporting us in this specific endeavor in our Imaging Services department.

Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin Hospital is a 500-bed academic medical center and a leading referral resource for advanced medical care.  Froedtert Hospital also operates the region's only adult Level 1 Trauma Center.  The primary adult teaching affiliate of the Medical College of Wisconsin, Froedtert Hospital is a major training facility for more than 1,000 medical, nursing, and health technical students annually.  It is also a respected research center, participating in some 2,000 research studies, including clinical trials, every year.  Froedtert Hospital is located on the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center campus.  Campus partners are: BloodCenter of Wisconsin, Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, Curative Care Network, the Medical College of Wisconsin, and the Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division.  For more information, visit froedtert.com.


Cathy Marszalkowski, Clinical Research Coordinator
Froedtert Memorial Lutheran Hospital

IB plug-ins are a lifesaver. They have cut down my analysis time from hours to minutes. 


Dr. Jerrold Boxerman, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Radiology
Department of Diagnostic Imaging, Rhode Island Hospital

I have found the IB Neuro plugin to be a robust, accurate implementation of CBV algorithms cited in the literature. It is easy to use, and meshes nicely with the OsiriX platform. We have found normalized CBV maps overlayed on contrast enhanced or FLAIR images to be very useful for brain tumor analysis and follow-up. 


Dr. Scott Rand, MD, PhD
MCW & Froedtert Memorial Lutheran Hospital

We appreciate the speed of IB products and their compatibility with PACs. More recently, we have started to use IB products for image-guided surgical planning. We anticipate their use for radiation therapy planning in the near future.  Our Neurosurgeons, Radiation Oncologists and Neuro-oncologists find perfusion scans and delta T1 maps of the brain to be very useful, and now routinely write orders to obtain this information.