Contact us at if you are interested in becoming a beta site for our patented "SPICE" technology. As a member of the Quantitative Imaging Network (QIN), which grew from a National Cancer Institute (NCI) sponsored program designed to develop imaging methods for the measurement of tumor response to therapies, IB extends a special invite to all participating QIN sites.


"SPICE [Dual-Echo] meets a long needed breakthrough in perfusion imaging."

- Sotirios Bisdas, MD, PhD, MSc (Advanced Oncology), Professor of Radiology, Eberhard Karls University


SPICE is the patented MR acquisition and post-processing technology that:

  1. Uses a SINGLE, standard dose of Gd contrast agent (no more pre-load required)
  2. Does NOT require the acquisition of pre-contrast T1 data
  3. Provides BOTH DSC and DCE parameters simultaneously
  4. Results in BETTER image quality

Save time. Save material. Simplify workflows. Obtain more information.

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